Take your passion for fitness to the next level in as little as three months with a canfitpro Personal Training certification.
It’s time to start earning real money for doing what you love.

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Through a combination of self-directed learning, and instruction from one of canfitpro’s industry expert PRO TRAINERS (either in-person or virtually), you will be prepared for your new career! Becoming a certified personal trainer, with Canada’s most reputable organization, gives you the skills, and credential, needed to start in the fitness industry! Work full time, or as a side hustle, doing what you love – helping people live healthier and active lives!

Learn at your own pace

You can complete the training, and exams, in three months, or take your time and learn when it’s convenient.

Real ROI

You can become fully certified for as low as $717. For many trainers, this is recouped in first ten sessions with clients! Or, your first week of work!

Industry Leader

canfitpro is Canada’s largest, and most trusted, provider of certifications in the fitness industry.
Learn in-person, or virtually, with students from around the world to start your career today!


A canfitpro certified trainer for 8 years, Fyonna has been improving the health and wellness of others for the past two decades. With clients ranging from an Arnold's World competitor in arm wrestling to a 91 year old retired colonel, the end goal is always the same, help people achieve their personal goals.